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Protocol is a set of rules and behavior governing Diplomacy and Affairs of State. It also covers aspects such as Etiquette, Manners, Deportment and Ethics. Protocol knowledge is imperative for successful Business Conduct, Political Advancement and Social Development.

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NLP is a life-changing modality that uses the mind's own language to change our internal sensory - based representations to consistently achieve our Specific and Desired Outcomes. Behavior, Feelings, Memories & Trauma can be transformed by changing the way the brain interprets these events.

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Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a revolutionary treatment method that offers relief from physical and emotional pain and disease.  The latest Research is proving that when using EFT to shift your limiting beliefs, break unhealthy patterns, lift depression, insomnia, PTSD, fears, anxiety and / or addictions, you change the chemical release in your body and thus changing your response and removing the triggers. EFT Tapping works to rewire the brain to bring both the body and mind back into balance and health.

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Words can be used for swaying a nation, delivering motivational speeches, professional presentations and training exercises. Once a word has been allowed to escape, it cannot be recalled. That is why every word should be spoken with integrity, clarity and intention.

Not everyone has the innate ability to speak publicly. Becoming an effective public speaker requires practice and an ability to adapt to various audiences. As with any skill, the more work one puts in, the better the delivery and eloquence.

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