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The 5 Biggest Lies that keep you Depressed!

The 5 Biggest Lies that keep you Depressed!

1. Believing that you are depressed:

Why does one tend to search for affirmation of being depressed? Searching on the various platforms, looking at the signs, the characteristics, scrutinizing the symptoms and thereby locking yourself into the belief of being depressed. It has become a social status approved diagnosis, very much the same as being bipolar. You will very much believe anything that you are told by “people that know more than you do”, or are supposed to know more than you do. The thing is, each and everyone of us is unique and no two people are living the same life, even though it seems like it. Being diagnosed just by reading a few lines or listening to someone give an opinion which is not driven by a wholistic approach, is ignorant and naïve. No one knows more about your body, and what you need, than you! Yes, you might be feeling lifeless, or have no energy or have nothing to smile about. Do not deny yourself what you are feeling, but try to connect it to something other than depression. Ask yourself valid questions like, when did I start feeling like this. What was the first thing I thought of when I woke up?

Questions bring forth answers, be brave and ask them.

2. Believing that you have a sickness called depression:

If you are truly depressed, and it is caused by a hormone imbalance, it is reversible. Every sickness or state has an origin somewhere. You need to take into consideration that hormone imbalances are more often than not, caused by subconscious feelings that are not being validated, and can be totally resolved by following the hormone release path and the emotions that are associated with those hormones. Before you thought of yourself as being depressed, what was happening in your life? What did you experience just before you started feeling this way?

3. Believing that there is nothing that you can do about it:

If you want to be depressed, you will be. If you love the attention that you are getting by being depressed, you will stay in that status. If you are lethargic, and being depressed helps you to stay in limbo, that is where you will be comfortable. If it suits you to be depressed…… that is where you will live out your days..... until you decide that there is more to life than just breathing, eating, sleeping and crying. The moment that you decide that you want something to change, you can do it!

Take a deep breath in and hold it for a few seconds and breathe out. Change your physical status and sit up straight, pull your shoulders back, look around you.... feel your feet on the floor and your back against the chair or bed. Breathe, breathe deeply and know that every breath you take is an opportunity to change your current state.

Your future depends on many things, but mostly on YOU!

I know that it is not a matter of "snapping out of it!" It is a matter of drawing a line in the sand and making a positive decision that you have given up enough of your time to live in this state of despondency. You can do this!

4. Believing that depression is genetic:

Really? Show me depression on your DNA! Monkey do as monkey see. You will live out the examples of what you have grown up with or that you perceived with your primary caregivers. It becomes a comfortable and well- worn cloak that you carry with you and that subdues all around you. No matter how uncomfortable or debilitating it is, It will become your default mode. Unfortunately, that will also become your "normal", and that will be what you draw towards yourself. The people that you attract will most likely be depressed as well and will vibrate at a very low frequency. So, instead of agreeing that it is genetic, consider that you have an option to accept it, or not. A comfortable state will keep you in a stagnant zone and will limit your life experiences.

You are more resilient and magnificent than you think! You are able to do much more than you have ever done in your life! Decide to live outside of your current boundary and take the first step...

5. Believing that medication is the answer to depression:

Here again, it depends on the angle from which you observe this state. Is it possible that you can deal with depression from another viewpoint? I remember listening to Tony Robbins in a time when I was truly down and out. Now, imagine his voice saying: “How many times have you tried? A hundred times? 70 times? 50 times, have you tried 20 times? Don’t tell me that you have tried if you only tried once or twice, that is not trying! That is you placating yourself, soothing yourself!

Well, that set me straight and believe me, every time that I come up against a stone wall, Tony is in my ear…urging me on to try another angle, and another one, until I get that breakthrough, that one door opening, that one practice that makes the difference and changes my state. Try another option and give yourself the gift of taking responsibility for your life and not letting others choose you’re the direction and quality of your life.

Find a wholistic coach, an EFT practitioner, an NLP Practitioner and just try it. See where this will lead you and which new things and people you allow into your life!

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