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Conscious Leadership

Conscious Leadership is needed now more than ever before. With organizations changing more rapidly than our capacity to understand, we cannot lean on old schools of thinking and doing things.

Organizations no longer fit into the logical categories that we have allotted them, being technological, operational or financial. The clear-cut laser focus of a year ago has become obsolete although much more humane.

Evolving demands in the workplace, is forcing leaders to think of changing mindsets and behavior, being more innovative and agile. A dualistic bottom-line is to be considered if organizations want to succeed in this new dispensation of business. In other words, a business that holds financial performance and the development of their people at equal levels of importance.

This change of mindset is not brought about by evolving and expanded strategy. This is clinging to survival on a speeding treadmill of exponential change along a variety of axes.

Leaders are having to dig deep to provide their disoriented teams with focus, hope, direction and meaning. The success of a year ago is meaningless in the current leadership epoch.

In order to thrive, not only survive, the leaders need to step up and lead in creating and re-creating their organizations, anticipating opportunities and most of all, being prepared and purposeful.

This challenge calls on leaders to lead with authenticity and purpose, by unlearning, restructuring and rewiring some longstanding habits, behavior and thought processes. This process relates to the sense of self, purpose in life, future prospects belief systems and behavioral patterns.

Neuroscience provides hard evidence that deeper learning and real change occur when people are actively engaged, emotionally hooked, and have opportunities to practice and learn from their errors.

Knowledge alone does not shift thinking or behavioral patterns. A level of engagement and cognition is needed for this inner engineering.

IAM Consultancy has developed a design methodology to address this need for conscious leadership development.

Starting with a process of introspection and the individual core belief system, leaders are enabled to master any situation.

A leader needs to be authentic in his/her leadership. Unwavering in integrity, communication, self-awareness, influence, empathy and character. If the structure and the management is aligned, success is unavoidable.

Organizations are now able to change and adapt to the challenges facing us globally. Leaders who lead from the inside out, do not focus only on the strategic advantage of incorporating the development of people alone, but see the advantage of the whole picture. The organization then becomes an authentic community in which all endeavor in the same direction. Creating a psychological safe space for all.

Dualistic bottom-line organizations invest in executive education initiatives. They are sold out to produce impressive financial, social and environmental results despite the challenges that the current pandemic is unleashing.

Equipping leaders to be resilient, authentic, ethical and with skills such as communication, presentation, business ethics and protocol is truly a strategic advancement investment and a positive conscious use of time, energy and funds.

Astute leaders who are aware of the myriad of challenges we face, who want their companies to survive and thrive, and agree that economical activities need to be continued, should strategize their journey of personal discovery with IAM Consultancy.

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