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In this, I AM.

When I feel lost, numb, shut off, stressed, rushed, overwhelmed, unsettled.. I am disconnected.

It's all symptoms of trauma and it's creating more trauma if I'm not accepting it, if I want to change it.

Trauma cuts off, disconnects, separates.

I’m then standing outside the 'house of God'. In duality.

The most important thing to do when this happens is to have awareness of these bodily sensations or emotions, mind chatter.

Naming it, acknowledging it. “I am feeling numb/overwhelmed”. This is inclusion. Which leads to connection.

Not “Why am I feeling like this..?” or “I should be feeling calm & connected- what can I do to get there?” This leads to further separation, as you’re not ‘there’ but Here.

Just be Here, Now.

Name it, whatever it is that’s here.

Even if it’s fury or wanting to kill your partner.

Stay with it, if you can.

Give it space to be.

Feel deeper into it, if possible.

Own it. Embody it.

If you can accept 'this' as the culmination of an immense intricate process from way before you & this moment.. your ancestor’s lives, your childhood, the whole universe.. everything that led up to ‘this, now’ to be created.. you gain ‘understanding’ -'standing under the will of the Divine’.. accepting it, surrendering to it.. welcoming it.

Welcoming you.

As you are.

In this moment.

When you often check in with yourself through the day, to see how you’re feeling at the moment, and name it, allow it, surrender to it.. you’ll feel more and more included, connected to Source.

Change doesn’t happen through force.

Only through Inclusion - of what is and what came before.

The Whole. 🙏

Have a week filled with moments of acceptance of where you are, no judgment, love yourself so you can love others fully.

Much love ✨💛💫 Annelize

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